YBELL NZ Ambassadors

Kate Southern

Kate is a self-employed Mum of three in Palmerston North.  Kate loves to run, and loves to share that joy of running with those around her, which is evident in the many community roles she is in.   She brought parkrun (the global phenomenon of a free weekly 5km run or walk in the park) to Palmerston North in 2017, an addition to the community that has benefited many.   She’s also the President of 261 Fearless Club New Zealand, a women’s only running club focusing on empowering women through running – and leads a weekly run in Palmerston North.  Her role at Manawatu Striders – the local running and walking club – also sees her get alongside people of all ages to encourage and facilitate active participation in the region.  Alongside her running – with multiple half marathons and one marathon under her belt – Kate also enjoys strength training at home, finding benefits in overall strength and muscle tone as well as supporting her to run injury-free.

Eru Shelford

My name’s Eru Shelford, I’m a Chef by trade and Personal Coach by passion. I’m a loving husband, a father of two boys (4 and 19 month olds), and a wee fur baby.

As a Coach and ex-military (Royal New Zealand Navy), I believe that we don’t necessarily need equipment to achieve our goals however, dumbbells and kettlebells have always been a tool that I’ve used to assist in the transformation of many peoples lives as well as my own. The one downside of this however is the need for multiple pieces of equipment which the YBell covers. The functionality of the YBell is second to none; it doubles as both a kettlebell and a dumbbell reducing the need for multiple pieces of equipment and in turn assists with storage space with the ability to travel well which is why they’ve become a staple piece in my training tool box. 

Melissa Jack

‘I’m an F45 trainer who has been on a big transformation over the past 2 years as I’ve moved from a very narrowly focused ‘mum life’ into rediscovering LIFE and how transformative health and fitness can be both physically and mentally.  I discovered running in my late 30’s and enjoy sneaking some km’s in with my friends as well as surfing and snowboarding with my family.

I’m passionate about small changes adding up to big results and believe in creating an environment that manifests success. Which is where you guys fit in! We use YBells in the studio so I know first-hand how functional they are and am excited about showing others how beneficial and accessible resistance training at home can be with minimal equipment.’

Jamie Williamson

Hey team, my name is Jamie Williamson, I am the current Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Westlake Boys High School. Alongside my school commitments and responsibilities, I have recently finished my S&C work with the NZ Warriors as I endeavour to create my own fitness business, Rise NZ. 

Growing up, I was heavily immersed in sport and saw the massive benefits of being active, and frankly, just moving. Movement has developed into a massive passion of mine and has driven me to open a space and growing platform which educates those in our local communities to feel more comfortable moving in their daily lives.

YBell, is a fitness tool friendly for everybody, like Rise NZ’s belief that movement can cater to anyone, too. I have been overjoyed with the ease of the tool and the weights have become the most popular item used at my weekly movement classes. YBell is hands down the most versatile training tool that I have used and allows individuals the freedom to workout with ease, with just one piece of equipment. How good?!